We Coach You Into The Leader Your Dog Will Always Listen To

Dog Behavior Coach Troy

Single Session
  • (Hourly)
  • We walk you through exercises to develop more focus and leadership. Helping to set you up for long term success. Get your dog and confidence ready for some training.
  • – Identifying source of behavior or issues.
  • – Create different ways to address behavior or issue.
  • – A guide to consistently follow to maintain the behavior.
(Left to right) Buster & David Single Session
Virtual Coaching Program
  • 3 (1 Hour Sessions)
  • Let us walk you through task and exercises to do with your dog. We can still address issues without being present with you. sending us video of what you have did so we can give you your next task and exercises to build on.
Virtual Session homework
Basic Coaching Program
  • ( 1 Hour- 2 Hour each session)
  • This plan is for clients who would like to tackle 3-6 major goals within 2 months. Structuring training 2 weeks at a time to achieve practical goals. 4 coaching sessions to build new behavior habits. You will also receive demonstration videos to assure you are making progress. A report will be done every 2 weeks to track progress. Last session will be used to test dogs training.
(Left to right) Pousa, Alex, and Luka Basic Coaching Program
Master Coaching Program
  • (1 Hour/Half 6 Sessions)
  • This will increase your overall skills when operating your dog. 4 major goals that will take more focus to reach. We will hand you the tools and best techniques to build a system for you and your dog. Meeting with your coach once a week for 2 months. building new habits to live and see a big transformation.
(left to right) Dakota & Kim Master Coaching program.

Troy is very patient in coaching his clients to get the desired behaviors they are looking for.

Single Session working through dog reactivity.

Work with a professional who understands what you want and how to get there.


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