We Coach You Into The Leader Your Dog Will Always Listen To

Dog Behavior Coach Troy

Single Session
  • (Hourly)
  • We walk you through exercises to develop more focus and leadership. Helping to set you up for long term success. Get your dog and confidence ready for some training.
  • – Identifying source of behavior or issues.
  • – Create different ways to address behavior or issue.
  • – A guide to consistently follow to maintain the behavior.
Get to the root of the issue
Basic Coaching Program
  • ( 1 Hour- 2 Hour each session)
  • This plan is for clients who would like to tackle 3-6 major goals within 2 months. Structuring training 2 weeks at a time to achieve practical goals. 4 coaching sessions to build new behavior habits. You will also receive demonstration videos to assure you are making progress. A report will be done every 2 weeks to track progress. Last session will be used to test dogs training.
(Left to right) Pousa, Alex, and Luka Basic Coaching Program
Master Coaching Program
  • (1 Hour/Half 6 Sessions)
  • This will increase your overall skills when operating your dog. 4 major goals that will take more focus to reach. We will hand you the tools and best techniques to build a system for you and your dog. Meeting with your coach once a week for 2 months. building new habits to live and see a big transformation.
(left to right) Dakota & Kim Master Coaching program.

Troy is very patient in coaching his clients to get the desired behaviors they are looking for.

Single Session working through dog reactivity.

Work with a professional who understands what you want and how to get there.


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